Get Involved


Help save Florida Bay and Florida’s water

Easy Ways to Help

1. Share this documentary! Spread the word!

2. Sign the petition to “Fix the Flo” of Florida’s water management. 

Click here for the Friends of the Everglades Petition

Fix the system we broke. Put things back as nature intended. Send water through the Florida Everglades, and replenish the Florida Bay.

3. Find an organization to support. Here are some ideas: 

4. Be part of the solution! 

  • Use your voice, and your vote.
  • Be aware and informed of environmental issues.
  • Speak up for our environment. 
  • Talk to your friends, neighbors and community.
  • Make connections with people who you might not necessarily agree with. Find common ground. We’re all neighbors. We live in the same communities. We can find things to agree on. 
  • Choose good leaders who will protect our nature and home.
  • Consider joining a conservation organization.

On an individual level, we can all do what we can to save our shared home, water and environment.

  • Minimize your use of plastics and non-biodegradable products.
  • Do your part whenever possible.
  • Use environmentally-friendly landscaping practices.
  • Conserve water whenever possible.
  • Choose porous, natural paving surfaces which facilitate rain and groundwater transmission.
  • Proper use and maintenance of irrigation equipment.
  • Use proper disposal methods for liquids disposal.
  • Use environmentally safe carwash liquid.
  • Be aware of, and use, environmentally-friendly boating practices.
  • Properly dispose of fishing line and equipment.

As Floridians, we all love our waterways and beautiful natural ecosystems. But our fragile natural environment is under constant threat. Florida’s corrupt billionaires care about profits, not our nature. 

Help us take care of OUR home, OUR water, and OUR nature.

Vote for our Florida Water and spread the word!

If you want to help save Florida’s environment please feel free to contact us. Send an email to