The Best Places to See Alligators in Florida

Seeing an alligator in Florida

Alligators in Florida represent the best of our beautiful natural environment. Alligators are essential to Florida’s ecosystem. They are apex predators and are usually at the top of their food chains and food webs. Alligators shape their environments both literally and metaphorically. Alligators are also important parts of Florida’s ecotourism economy. Visitors from around the … Read more

Sea Urchins

A man holds a sea urchin, taken from the sea.

Sea urchins are small animals that live on seabeds all over the world. They can be found in a wide variety of water depths, from zero-depth tidal zones, to 5,000 meters below the sea. Sea urchins often have spines for protection from predators, which typically range from 3-10 cm in length. Some urchins do not … Read more